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Scope: Mini Polarized 3D Modulator for Home & Office

Equipped with the metal screen, HCS-FILTER-06 single passive 3D polarized modulator need only one projector to bring high quality 3D projection.

Support all 3D DLP projectors which cover DLP-LINK technology and VESA Sync signals input
Can get 3D sync signals by wireless DLP-LINK and wired VESA

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  • Product details
  • Technical support
  • 鈼咺nfrared remote control, switch 2D to 3D intelligently by one key
    鈼哤orking mode: wired and wireless
    鈼咵asy to use ,support two installation : lifting and desktop
    鈼哅odular design, easy to install, detect and ruled out the faults
    鈼咷iving 3D effect with high transmittance, low ghosting rate
    鈼哠upport all 3D DLP projectors
    鈼咹igh Frame Rate switching speed,highest reaches 600Hz
    鈼哢sing the portable and fashion polarized glasses can get the effect as the same as shutter glasses
    鈼哃ow later maintenance cost and failure rate

  • Model锛
    Polarized Type
    Circular Polarized
    Light Efficiency
    Ghosting Rate锛
    Response Time锛
    Compatible Glasses
    Passive Circular Polarized 3D Glasses
    Power Supply:
    DC24V    2A

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